Red Light Therapy on Joint Health

Man Using Orion Red Light Therapy to Improve Knee Joint Health

Red Light Therapy for Joint Health

As the body ages, bones and joints become stiffer and more prone to diseases. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common type of joint disease that can occur with age. Symptoms can include pain, reduction in ranges of motion, stiffness, and/or swelling around a joint. Red light therapy has been found as a supplementary intervention to improve pains and overall joint health.⠀

Kholvadia et al. found that a combination of both red light therapy and exercise produced the most significant change in improving strength, endurance, range of motion, and pain levels surrounding the knee.

When using Orion devices for joint health, we recommend combining it with an exercise program for the best results. 

Kholvadia, A., Constantinou, D., & Gradidge, P J-L. (2019). “Exploring the efficacy of low-level laser therapy and exercise for knee osteoarthritis”. South African Journal of Sports Medicine.⠀