Getting Started

Distance: 6-12 inches from your device
Treatment Duration: 10-20 minutes per day
Frequency: 1-2 times per day

Anytime! Use your Orion when it works best for you or around certain times for specific benefits. Some people use their Orion in the morning to increase alertness and energy. Others wait until after a workout for improved muscle recovery. The important thing is consistent daily use.


Many of the health benefits from red light therapy are a result of consistent, full-body use. However, it is recommended to directly target symptomatic areas such as sore muscles, stiff joints, or acne. In these cases, direct treatment leads to deeper penetration of red and NIR into the tissue for optimal results.


The more surface area of your body that's exposed to the light, the more effective the red light therapy treatment. Clothing prevents the red and NIR light from penetrating through your skin to your cells, so be sure to remove any garments from the part of your body you're treating.


We recommend wearing protective eyewear during your red light therapy sessions. Avoid looking directly into the LEDs. Should you choose to opt out of protective eyewear, please keep your eyes closed or gaze away from the lights. Consult with your licensed healthcare provider if you have any eye conditions.