No Sun? No Problem.

Gone are the long dark winter months and depriving your body of natural sunlight. We believe that you shouldn't have to put your health and wellness at risk because of your job or where you live.

That's why we brought Red Light Therapy to Vancouver and the rest of Canada, so you can enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight, even when the weather doesn't allow.

Man writing notes while using Orion Red Light Therapy indoors. Orion RLT is based in Vancouver, BC Canada
Woman using the Orion 500 while sled pushing for strength & performance benefits. Orion RLT is based out of Vancouver, BC Canada
Our Mission

To improve the quality of your life by harnessing the power of light, with the safest and most effective red light therapy devices in the world.

Meet The Founders

Simply put, we're two Vancouver natives who had it with the not-so-fun effects of the long and dark winter months. We understood how essential natural sunlight is for human health, wellness, and longevity, so we asked ourselves, "How could we harness the power of light without natural sunlight?". That's when we discovered the myriad of health benefits and healing properties of red and near-infrared light. In 2020, we set-out to bring the power of light to the comfort of your homes and workplaces. Through science, technology, and our devoted team, Orion was born.

Although our journey started out with the problem of the lack of sunlight, what we ended up with is an effective tool that anyone could benefit from. Orion is not just for people not getting enough sunlight, it's for anyone that's looking to optimize their body. Whether it's sunny or dark out, 10 minutes of Orion will help you take charge of your life.

Long story short: we want to see you win!

Clarence & Matthew