Orion Pro 2.0 Buyer's Guide

Orion Pro 2.0 Buyer's Guide

By now, you may have heard about the science and benefits behind red light therapy and you're ready to take that next step. There's just one problem - which Orion red light therapy panel should you choose to go with? This guide is written to help you decide which panel is best suited for you.

If you are new to red light therapy we suggest starting here.

This guide will break down the differences between each model of our newest series. Introducing the Orion Pro 2.0: our latest lineup with enhanced performance, a built-in digital timer, and flicker-free LEDs.

Which model to go with?

What is the synaptic design and how does it work?

Compare the Pro 2.0 base models

Which model should I go with?

Orion offers various models and sizes designed for targeted and full-body treatments. Before you choose which model to go with, it's important to understand the difference between targeted and full-body treatments.

Targeted treatments: The Orion Edge and Orion Pro 300 are most ideal for treating localized areas on the body. For example, you may use the Edge or Pro 300 to target sore knees, or specific areas of your face.

Larger and full-body treatments: The Orion Pro 600900, and the synaptic builds are best suited for treating larger areas of our bodies. These larger panels are designed with more LEDs, which allow more light and energy to be emitted onto the body. With larger setups more cells can be reached, thus leading to a greater effect and better result.

Orion Pro 2.0 Lighting Guide


What is the synaptic design and how does it work?

Orion's synaptic design is their modular capability that's built into each and every Pro 2.0 panel. This design allows any two or more Pro 2.0 panels to connect to one another for an expanded and customized setup. With more body coverage, a more effective and efficient red light therapy treatment can be received. The various synaptic models include the Pro 120015001800, 2400, 3000 and 3600.

Orion Pro 2.0 Synaptic Builds


Compare the Pro 2.0 base models


Orion Pro (2.0) 300 - Orion Red Light Therapy Orion Pro 300 Orion Pro (2.0) 600 - Orion red light therapyOrion Pro 600 Orion Pro (2.0) 900- Orion red light therapyOrion Pro 900
Size 13" x 9" x 3" 25" x 9" x 3" 36.5" x 9" x 3"
Weight 3 kg 5.6 kg 7.9 kg
Flicker-Free LEDs 60 x 5 watt 120 x 5 watt 180 x 5 watt
Power 300 watts (rated power) 600 watts (rated power) 900 watts (rated power)
Cooling Fans 2 4 6
Beam Angle 30 Degrees 30 Degrees 30 Degrees
Irradiance 120 mW/cm² at 6" 125 mW/cm² at 6" 130 mW/cm² at 6"
EMF 0.0 μT at 6" 0.0 μT at 6" 0.0 μT at 6"
Lifespan 50,000+ hours 50,000+ hours 50,000+ hours
Wavelengths 660nm: Red & 850nm: Near-Infrared 660nm: Red & 850nm: Near-Infrared 660nm: Red & 850nm: Near-Infrared
Treatment Size Targeted Large Full-Body
Customizable Treatment
Synaptic Designs
Built-In Digital Timer
2 Year Warranty
Tabletop Stand Compatibility

Customize your setup

Add a Floor Stand onto your Orion Pro 600 or 900. It's designed for a seamless fit, so you can take it just about anywhere in your home. This is our most popular add-on with our 600 & 900 for versatility that will charm any room.

Orion RLT Pro (2.0) 900 with floor stand. Woman sitting in living room


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